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"Isla del Tesoro"

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All the scrapbook material you will need to decorate your favourite memories.

Grafoplás, a national brand with more than 50 years experience in the stationery and office supplies market launches "Anita y su mundo", the new Spanish brand of products for scrapbooking.

Anita y su mundo wants to form part of your life and it's special moments. We want to help you tell it, decorate it and enjoy it. For this purpose we present a catalogue with an ample range of products and scrapbooking design collections. Our collections are made up of very lively and colourful designs to help you to creatively preserve and treasure those special moments in your life.


Ideas, tutorials and lots of scrapbooking

At all stages of our lives we find great moments with a special meaning. Our dreams, our desires, our hopes...

Scrapbooking encourages us and helps us to transform each of those moments and stages in a lasting memory, decorated with our feelings, our imagination and our personality. All the elements are combined and grouped around a central theme, making it unique and unrepeatable.

In our blog you will find ideas, tutorials and even challenges to help you create your scrapbook projects.


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